Zakat Network Application Protocols & Required (Supporting) Documents

Complete the Zakat Network application form FULLY by answering all questions with the most accurate information available. Together with your application, submit and observe/abide by the following requirements:

  1. Provide a valid copy of a Driver’s License or Government issued photo identification

  2. Provide copies of all documents related to and/or supporting financial hardship

  3. Any submitted Zakat Network application and their related documents once processed and approved, CANNOT be used for other zakat applications. Zakat Network application and related supporting documents are required and MUST be submitted for each new application

  4. Applicants shall NOT apply/submit multiple zakat applications within same calendar month or within number of days less than one calendar month

  5. Incomplete or partially completed applications will delay timely processing & may/could result into the application being denied

  6. An applicant who is claimed as a dependent shall NOT apply at the same time/period with the applicant who has claimed him/her

Note: Applicant is responsible for making and providing copies of all required documents.